2012 Calendar Bi Toku Kyudojo, SCKyudo Renmei and

Kyudo Alliance


January 1, 2012, 12:30 Noon First Arrow of the Year and Pot Luck at Bi Toku Kyudo Kyudojo:

January 14, 2012 / Worldwide Winter 100 Arrow Forging Event:

Free For All:   Kyudoka World Wide are invited to participate in the free Winter International 100 Arrow Forging Event. Each person can shoot in their own local kyudojo.  The idea is to shoot 100 arrows in one session to push ourselves past our normal boundaries. Then send a report with photos and totals of # participants, total hits (individual totals if you wish) to SCKR Journal editor, Jean Murphy at JeanWMurphy@gmail.com

January 20,21,22: Kyudo Alliance - Winter training at Simpsonville, SC Dojo With additional programs on Training in Japan, Japanese Proverbs and more. Contact Aaron Sensei to register, SCKyudo@aol.com $50.00 registration fee.

February 4,5: Aaron Sensei to Mexico for seminar

March 23,24,25: The First Kyudo Alliance Introductory Seminar -- A Taste of Kyudo: An introduction to Kyudo for those who have been curious but didn’t know where to go to learn safely. Also for people who need a refresher or have little experience. A long weekend in Simpsonville, SC at Aaron Sensei’s 6 person Kyudojo. Experience intensive Kyudo training, including shooting safely for the first time. Emphasis is on the Hassetsu (The 8 stages of shooting), and Tai Hai (The movements before and after shooting) and dojo etiquette. Contact Aaron Sensei to register SCKyudo@aol.com $150.00 registration fee in advance. ($175.00 beginning March 1st.) Hassetsu information will be sent in advance of the seminar. A list of hotels will be included when you register. Simpsonville is 15 minutes Southeast of Greenville, SC. The closest airport is Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP about 30 minutes away.)

May 4,5,6: Kyudo Alliance - at the Atlanta, Bi Toku Kyudojo. Spring Training. Additional programming: Training the Trainers, Quotes from the Masters and Leadership Training by Captain Bruce Bugg.  Contact Ed Sensei to register. ecsymmes@aol.com  1/404/320-1012 $50.00 registration fee  www.BiTokuKyudo.org

May 19: Aaron Sensei to Vancouver Canada for seminar with Vancouver Kyudo Kai.

July: Kyudo Alliance - Hot Summer forging training at Simpsonville SC Kyudojo with additional programming TBA. Contact Aaron Sensei to register: SCKyudo@aol.com $50.00 registration fee.

August 13 - 19: Western Hemisphere All Japan Kyudo Federation Seminar - Hosted by the Northern California Kyudo Federation at UC Davis.  August 13 - Advanced seminar; August 14-16 seminar open to all levels; August 17 testing for all levels up to Godan Renshi. Costs not available at time of posting.

November 9,10,11: Kyudo Alliance - Special Guest INstructor, Roshi Kenneth Kushner, Zen Priest and Kyoshi in the Chozen-ji School of Kyudo -- Hara development + Fall Moon Viewing Seminar with Lakeside Tea Ceremonies at Atlanta Bi Toku Kyudojo.Also see special page for this seminar on this website. Contact Ed Sensei to register, ecsymmes@aol.com  -- Members $50.00 registration fee. Non Members $75.00  www.BiTokuKyudo.org